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  [hs height=”450″ theme=”3d-dark” buttons=”true” ] 00:06 Hey friends! Isn’t the weather just lovely? 00:09 Wait a minute…is it me or is the ground moving? 00:15 Be careful, its a Landslide! 00:19 Let me tell you about this natural disaster! 00:23 Zoom in! 00:26 When the upper mass of the soil gets dislocated from the lower layers.. 00:30 ..and travels down-slope. 00:32 It is referred to as a Landslide! 00:35 It is also called a landslip or a mudslide! 00:41 Landslides can be caused by a number of reasons! 00:44 it could be either natural causes like volcanic eruptions,.. 00:49 ..soil erosion and sometimes heavy rainfall, increases the wrath of landslides! 00:56 Even human activities like mining, cutting trees.. 01:01 ..increase the fragility of land and make it more prone to landslides. 01:07 One of the most prevalent reasons is Gravity. 01:11 Well, whatever is up, has to fall down due to gravity, isn’t it? 01:19 Landslides can either move very slowly, like some millimeters per year. 01:24 Or it could be disastrously fast! 01:28 Sometimes more than 100 miles per hour! 01:33 But if you’re living on a flat land,.. 01:36 With no hills or mountains, then you’re safe! 01:39 But if you’re living somewhere between mountains and on a hilly terrain.. 01:44 ..then, my friends, you might be at risk. 01:47 But don’t worry, you could always prepare with some simple steps,… 01:53 Avoid building houses near steep slopes or at the edges of mountains. 02:00 Stay away from drainage paths because water flow increases the speed of landslides! 02:07 Landslides do not only happen on Earth. 02:10 Many scientists believe that planets like Mercury, Mars, and Venus have had landslides too! 02:19 Woah! Looks like friends, I’m not even safe here! 02:24 TRIVIA TIME! 02:26 Landslides can happen underwater too and they are called Submarine Landslides! 02:33 The Heart Mountain Landslide is the largest landslide ever recorded. 02:38 That has happened 50 million years ago! 02:44 So, friends, what are the other two names for Landslides? 02:48 Post it right below in the comments section. 02:51 And wait for fun facts, this is me zooming out! 02:58 Hey kids, you liked my videos, didn’t you? 03:02 Before you go, don’t forget to click on the subscribe button and the bell. 03:07 So you won’t miss out on my latest videos. 03:12 See you. [/hs] [/vc_column_text][vc_separator][vc_column_text]


  1. How do we call it when the upper mass of the soil gets disclosed from the lower layers and travels down-slope? (00:32)
  2. What are the other names of a landslide? (00:35)
  3. Does cutting trees also cause a landslide? (00:56)
  4. Is building houses near steep sloes safe? (01:53)
  5. Where would you live to be safe from a landslide? (01:33)
  6. What’s the largest landslide ever recorded? (02:33)
  7. When did The Heart Mountain Landslide happen? (02:38)
  8. What is a submarine Landslide? (02:26)


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