Blocking time frames for fixed scheduling system


Blocking time frames to adjust your availability

In case you need to block your calendar for times you are not available for lessons, please add an event to your Google Calendar.

This will block both individual lessons at and block the fixed scheduling system.

Blocking time in won’t block time for the fixed scheduling system. So, please go to your Google Calendar and set an event when you want to block times 🙂

Could you personally remind your fixed schedule students when you cannot do the lesson at the regularly scheduled time? The system automatically creates these lessons so the students won’t know what’s happening with their schedule and it’s hard for the admin to find out as well. So it’ll be great if you can remind your student that there’s no lesson on the upcoming regular lesson time and also cc’ the admin (Daniel). The admin will have to manual cancel the lesson in the system so it doesn’t deduct from their lesson package.


Cancelling booked lessons

If something comes up and you need to cancel your upcoming lesson(s), could you personally notify your students about the cancellation by email and cc’ the administrator (Daniel)?

The system automatically deducts booked lessons from students’ lesson packages. Cancelled lessons will have to be manually updated by the administrator so students are not charged.

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