Google Calendar sync setting


▪️ uses Google Calendar to prevent double-booking.

▪️ Events in your Google Calendar will prevent students from booking a class in that time slot.

▪️ After entering your availability at, you can block your time slots by adding events in your Google calendar to adjust your availability.

▪️ You should have a Google account for this.

▪️ Go to your Google Calendar, on the top right corner, there’s an icon for settings. Click the button and from its dropdown menu, click ‘Settings

▪️ In the left sidebar, there is a section for Settings for my calendars.

▪️ The top calendar is usually your primary calendar. It only works with the primary calendar

▪️ Under the primary calendar, click on Calendar settings.

▪️ Scroll down and find the ‘Share with specific people’ section and click on the ‘Add people‘ section.

▪️ Please share it to  and set the sharing level as ‘Make changes to events

✅ Once a lesson is booked, you’ll get email notification, but sometimes it goes to the spam box. Please check website or Google Calendar regularly.

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