Making an intro-video

Each tutor’s profile page will contain an introduction video.

Students will obtain tutors’ information from their profiles and select them based on their needs.

  • The videos are short and precise, taking a maximum of 60 seconds.
    The tone, pace, and clarity should be considered as it is for ESL students.
  • Placing the camera at eye level and ensuring sufficient light is highly recommended.
  • Videos can be recorded here:
    Set the resolution to its finest setting.
  • A smartphone can be used if the webcam resolution is not clear enough.
    The video should be shot in landscape mode (wide-screen and not in vertical mode).
  • A friendly attitude will endear you to more students.


Visit to see a sample videos

The following are topics you may want to include in the video:

1) Relevant skills and experience

2) The type/style of lessons you provide

3) Your approach to meeting students’ needs and objectives

4) Your academic qualifications and those currently pursued

5) Your dreams and the career path you wish to take ultimately

6) Your experience in learning a new language

7) Your hobbies

8) Your visits to Korea or any contact with the Korean culture

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